Augview Application Privacy Policy


"Augview", "Augview software", "Augview application":
The Augview Mobile Asset Management Application

"Augview team", "We", "Us":
The Augview company team and accredited distributors

Augview User Account Data

The data that you have supplied to us for the creation of your Augview User Account regarding your personal or your organization's identity will never be disclosed to any third party.
You can access, review and modify these information on our registration server

Unique Device Identifier

During the registration process, the Augview software will send a unique device identifier to our registration server. This allows us to know how many devices your organization uses Augview with.
This device identifier is not associated with any information that may identify you personally and will never be disclosed to any third party.

Augview Log files

During a session, Augview stores information about its usage locally on the device, including but not limited to web requests and navigation in the application. The log files will be sent to the Augview team at the end of each session if an error occured during the session. The log files contain information about the device (make, model, operating system, operating system version, Augview version, screen resolution and other useful information to troubleshoot). The logs may also contain location information. The logs DO NOT contain any name, user name, password or information that may identify you personally. We will never disclose any information they contain to any third party. The sole purpose of the log files is troubleshooting and helping improve the Augview software. The log files we receive are deleted from our servers after one year.

Augview Camera Usage

Augview uses the video capability of your device to render the Augmented Reality background only.
Augview may access the camera or the photo library of your device to associate a picture with an asset. The pictures are uploaded to a server administered by you or a third party and Augview does not have any control over it unless you provide us access to it. The pictures remain your own property and we will never disclose them to any third party.